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PTO Information

Greenwood Elementary has an active PTO that would love any volunteers for the many events that the PTO sponsors throughout the year. Please contact us to see how you can get involved in your child's school.


President: Jennifer Moore
Secretary: Whitney Dyament
Treasurer: Jennifer Wheatley
Communications Officer: Jaclyn Pugliese
Contact info: or find us on facebook: GreenwoodElementaryPTO
Did you know???
With the money raised from Pizza Kits, Fun Run, etc the PTO is purchasing more technology for Greenwood! This includes more headphones for the classrooms and walkie-talkies for each classroom teacher (to effectively communicate in any sort of situation).
The PTO is also putting fund-raising dollars to use by purchasing snacks for the office to hand out when children do not have a snack, MSTEP supplies for our students and staff, and even supplies to help with the art project that will be going up in the hallway soon!
Let's not forget that the PTO also pays for the bussing for all the field trips that occur during the school year. This is over $3,000 annually!
Another place you can see those fundraising dollars at work is outside during drop off and pick up. PTO has helped purchase supplies to make the traffic aides job a little easier.  The staff lounge is also going to see some upgrades to help the room become a little more cheerful and easy for the teachers to use during their prep time.
Please consider helping the PTO... it truly does benefit Greenwood directly and makes a huge difference!