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Lakeview Board of Education Meeting Live Stream - July 13, 2021 7:30 PM

Lakeview Board of Education Meeting 7-13-2021 - Live Streaming at 7:30 PM
*YouTube has removed the Board of Education Meeting Recording due to a violation of their Community Guidelines. Per YouTube- YouTube doesn't allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities' or the World Health Organization's (WHO) medical information about COVID-19. * See link below.

Greenwood February Grizzly of the Month and Kindness Awards Video

Congratulations to our Grizzly of the Month recipient's! We are so proud of you! Near the end of the video you will see Mrs. Dobbelaer and Ms. Donahue get turned into an ice cream sundae! A challenge was extended to our students this past month. If Greenwood students accumulated at least 10 acts of kindness nominations, noticed by a staff member or another student, the nominees would be allowed to turn Ms. Donahue and Mrs. Dobbelaer into an ice cream sundae. Collectively, Greenwood students blew past the challenge, and accumulated 17 kindness nominations! WAY TO GO, GREENWOOD!!!
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