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Hearing Impaired Program

Greenwood Elementary is proud to be the home of a Hearing Impaired Program for Pre-School through Grade 5. Students come to Greenwood throughout much of Macomb County to be enrolled in this specialized program. Below is an explanation of how our programs work.
Mrs. Olsson's Class-
The early childhood oral program for students with hearing impairments consists of preschool through first graders in Mrs. Olsson’s class. We work on listening and spoken language and grade level academics. Technology is integrated into our day.  The students in our class wear hearing aids, cochlear implants and BAHA aids as well as FM microphone systems throughout the school day. We also use Smartboard technology and iPads. The students participate in the general education classroom for a variety of subjects and activities depending on their individual needs and grade level expectations. Co-teaching and paraprofessional support is provided, as needed. The students have opportunities to explore through play as well as opportunities to work on speech skills and auditory training. Field trips are organized throughout the year to provide opportunities to interact with other students with hearing impairments throughout Macomb County. We encourage our students to be an active participant in their learning through the use of oral language and listening skills
Here is a link to the Macomb Intermediate School District that has more information about what the county has to offer any students with a Hearing Impairment.